Troubleshoot Electronics FAST with a Super Probe

Build a “Carlson Super Probe” and make your electronic troubleshooting easier. Locate noisy parts fast! This is a “non-contact” style probe that listens to your circuits from a distance. Great for Audio and RF applications alike. Schematics and full description are in the video. In the end, Paul will demonstrate the Super Probe in action. Many more circuits like this coming soon. Click the “SHOW MORE” tab below, for more details.

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Troubleshooting procedure (noisy component) in the Hammarlund video:

Video Facts:
*Video size as uploaded in MP4: 7.2 Gigs.
*Number of individual video’s in this video, edited together: 24.
*Video total build time (excluding editing): 16 Days.
*Stills: 2, (one for the video intro, and one for the video thumbnail.)
“Stills and “Super Probe” artwork by Marie, (my other half)
*Audio gear: Applied Research and Technology “Voice Channel”
*Custom vacuum tube, condenser microphone.
*Video Camera: Canon Vixia HF M400.

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