Fromel Electronics Seraph Deluxe (demo)

Demo of the Fromel Electronics Seraph Deluxe

Seraph Deluxe

My take:
This is the chorus for people who don’t like chorus! 🙂 The Seraph Deluxe is based on the ubiquitous Roland Dimension D rack unit from the 80’s. In addition to the 4 original modes from the Dimension D, the Seraph also has a full manual mode, allowing you to dial up more dramatic and intense vibrato and chorus tones. The best thing about this pedal, though, is the 4 normal modes. Turn on mode 1, strum away, and you’re instantly in the 80’s or 90’s, and nostalgia ensues. It was so good I had to buy it! 🙂 Grab one yourself, a total sleeper hit.

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