What is CEC? (Consumer Electronics Control)

HowToAV explains HDMI CEC (or Consumer Electronics Control).

CEC or Consumer Electronics Control provides a limited amount of device-to-device control allowing, for example, a Blu Ray player to change the HDMI Input on a TV or display screen.

HDMI CEC is commonly supported by all major consumer AV brands but many manufacturers call CEC by another name as follows:
Sony call CEC ‘BraviaSync’
Philips call CEC ‘Easylink’
LG call CEC ‘Simplink’
Samsung call CEC ‘Anynet+’
Toshiba call CEC ‘CE-Link’ or ‘Regza Link’

Hitachi and Vizio are kind enough to call it ‘HDMI CEC’ !

Please note that though there is some common functionality between all CEC systems, not all manufacturers CEC interfaces are fully compatible with one another. Therefore, to get the best out of a CEC interface, using the same brand for Source and Display devices is required.

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