Command Electronics RV Lighting 328-002-04W Review

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LED Courtesy Light – Black Housing – Cool White by Command Electronics (RV Lighting)

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Speaker 1: Today we’re taking a look at an LED Courtesy Light. This courtesy light may be used for a variety of applications. It’s great for RVs and boats, and it’s great for walkways and stairways.It mounts permanently. Mounting hardware is not included, but it does have the two mount holes for an easy installation. Has a nice black housing, so it offers a very clean, sleek look once installed, and it features a cool white LED. When it comes to the wiring, it’s a two-wire design.

Your white wire’s your ground wire. Your black wire is your power wire. We’re going to take a look at the dimensions real quick, and then we’ll hook it up to power, so you can see what it looks like with power running to it.Going edge to edge in this direction, it measures about one and five eighths inches wide. The overall depth, that’s how far it sticks out from the installation surface, is only about a half inch deep. And the overall length, going this direction, measures about two inches, maybe two and one sixteenth, right in that area.

The mount holes on the unit are separated straight across from one another by about one and one eighth, to one and three sixteenth inches. The power draw is 0.02 amps.We’re going to hook it up to power. That way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. We’ll, also, turn off our overhead lights so you can see it a lower light setting. You can see here that it sends out a nice consistent signal.

Now one of the things with courtesy lights, is that they’re not extremely bright, and that’s just because they’re designed to illuminate an area directly below where the light’s installed.Again, this is going to be great for RVs and boats. We see these a lot in walkways, such as a hallway, or we see them, oftentimes, in stairways. They illuminate the area, where you’re walking, in low light conditions, making it safer and making it more visible. That way, you can easily take your next step with confidence.That’s going to do it for today’s look at the LED Courtesy Light.

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