Power Efficient Mini Inverter Electronics Project

This video shows the demonstration of “Power Efficient Mini Inverter Project”. It is used in Industrial and domestic purpose, it being used when there is a power cut, to power the electronic devices.

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Power Efficient Mini Inverter Project

As we know inverters are used when there is a power cut. It is widely being used in industrial and domestic places, it first converts AC to DC, to get charged and then again it inverts DC into AC to power the electronic devices. As the inverter gets start the power been supplied to the device through the battery, to charge the battery we need to connect the adapter in the given slot.
So here is a power efficient inverter which can give 220v-230v/150w output voltage, it is small in size. It can also help to power the devices like Wi-Fi routers, mobile chargers, Lights etc.
Its is consist of PCB breadboard, capacitors, switches, transistors and IC socket.

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