What Does Electronics Have To Do With Teaching Science?

Join Nicholas Provenzano, known widely as “The Nerdy Teacher,” and SparkFun’s own Creative Engineer Shawn Hymel for a livestreamed conversation about how electronics and “making” fit in to K–12 STEM instruction. Take your teaching to a new level with practical ideas for increasing students’ understanding of science standards by introducing electronics and integrating hands-on projects into your instruction.

About “The Nerdy Teacher:”

Nicholas Provenzano taught high school English and is now the technology coordinator and makerspace director at University Liggett School in Michigan. He shares his thoughts on education and technology on his site, TheNerdyTeacher.com, and works closely with educators around the world to help promote maker education. He has been featured on CNN, in Education Week and in The New York Times, and his best-selling book, “Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces,” is available online.

For more information:

The Nerdy Teacher: http://www.thenerdyteacher.com/
SparkFun Education: https://sparkfuneducation.com/

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