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Buy cheapest electronics components in Delhi/ NCR at Rohini sector 5 Delhi..
Buy Science projects for class 6,7,8,9, 10, 11 and 12 and BTech projects ( minor and major) for college only at this shop. They sell resistors, capacitors,transistors, breadboard,soldering tools dc geared motors, sensors, magnets, wires etc. If you are having some difficulties in the making of your project… You can take help from him…he’s very helpful and will tell you the troubleshooting.
ADDRRESS of the shop- 187, Pocket B-8, Sector 5, Delhi 110085 near Mount Abu Public school
For schools and colleges,
all science projects material available
CONTACT- 9643826749, 8527521477
*Special thanks to Aman bhyia and Mayank for collaboration.*
Video Credits: Aman bhyia
Camera handling credits: Mayank Maleta
Creative and support: Mayank Maleta
Recording, VFX, Editing, interview by Utkarsh Dhoundiyal ( Electro Physics)
Support and knowledge shared by Piyush Sharma.
Check out some Arduino projects –
On my channel Electro Physics

*Electro Physics is a channel where I teach you how to make some interesting electronics projects in Hindi*
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