Andy Dives Into Japanese Effects with ZenZero Electronics, Bananana Effects & 320 Designs | Reverb

What effects pedals are big in Japan? Andy takes ZenZero Electronics, Bananana Effects & 320 Designs stompboxes for a spin in a special edition of #ReverbToneReport.
Read More on Reverb: https://goo.gl/gerdTq
Shop Bananana Effects: https://goo.gl/WweHi2
Shop ZenZero Electronics: https://goo.gl/int9JX
Shop 320 Designs: https://goo.gl/gEWGAU
Andy’s Setup:
Amp: Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb
Guitars: Suhr Classic Antique, Reverend Club King 290, Ibanez Artist 2619
Pedals: Bananana Abracadabra, ZenZero FuzU, 320Design Brown Feather, Sunakake and Landmighty
Interface: UA Apollo 8 QUAD, OX Amp Top Box
Mic: Royer R-121
Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 10-46

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