Electronics Disrupt 2018

​The stage was set for the industry’s latest tech and trends at Electronics Disrupt with our inaugural 2-part series, consisting of an industry tour and a conference. Featuring a new generation of digital technologies that is keeping Asia’s electronics manufacturers and innovators busy as they work to meet rising demand for their ideas and products, conference highlights include:

– Electrifying presentations from Samsung Asia, TÜV SÜD and Huawei

– A significant milestone captured between DBS SME Banking and TÜV SÜD’s exclusive partnership

– Leading veterans from IBM, Markono Content Solutions Group, and PBA Group highlighted the biggest trends and the opportunities that came along

– DBS Senior Economist outlined the Intra-regional Trade and what businesses should look out for

– Over 200 delegates attended to network and experienced 3D printing for the electronics manufacturing, Resource platforms, and

– Augmented Reality for Manufacturing

Missed the conference? Download the Trend Report at go.dbs.com/electronicsdisrupt for exclusive insights by the speakers and industry veterans. Or subscribe to DBS BusinessClass today, and be invited to our next industry disrupt event go.dbs.com/BCSubscribe​​

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