A really bad bit of Chinese electronics

Not a video on my usual subjects this time…

This 4 port USB hub has to be the worst bit of electronics I’ve ever seen come out of China.

China has revolutionized the electronics industry by delivering useful products to the world at previously unbelievably low prices but at the bottom of the market, some of the stuff they ship is absolute crap.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

On the outside it looks very nice, with crisp, injection-moulded plastic and a nice set of specifications.

Take the lid off however, and you begin to see how they managed to manufacture it down to the $6 price.

Soldering was awful — stale, lead-free solder that had likely been used in conjunction with a rusty nail, heated over an open fire, I suspect.

A screw that sliced through two of the wires, producing a short-circuit and only the absolute minimum of solder used to attach the USB sockets to the PCB.

It’s no wonder this thing never worked and obvious that there was absolutely zero checking done prior to boxing up and shipping.

Maybe you’ve encountered worse quality — if so, take a video and post it as a reply to this one.

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