Fixing some electronics for resale and scrapping galore!

Fixing some electronics for resale and scrapping galore!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas holidays and happy new year! I’m starting this new year off with a renewed hard work ethic. As long as you have that I think you can accomplish anything. My apologies for not getting a single video out during the month of December. I wish I could duplicate myself to get more done. Enjoy the video comment like and subscribe. Cheers!

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——————–Links to the stuff that I use.—————-

I use this winch hitch lift on my truck:
Larin TGL-500 Hitch Lift
Amazon.com (USA): https://amzn.to/2uFkZRe
Amazon.ca (Canada): http://amzn.to/2FGGLbQ

I use this electric wire stripper:
Portable Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine
https://goo.gl/mjUcdc (Canada ebay.ca) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/1HJBLw (USA ebay.com) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/MffZr2 (UK ebay.co.uk) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/w9Wfiw (AU ebay.com.au) (Affiliate link)

Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer:
ebay.com (USA): https://goo.gl/E7ixqa
ebay.ca (Canada): https://goo.gl/RYC7Dj
ebay.co.uk (UK): https://goo.gl/VqmxRK
ebay.com.au (Australia): https://goo.gl/kz5VzD
ebay.de (Germany): https://goo.gl/tKJTWM

I use this weigh scale: Saga 86LB Postal Scale
https://goo.gl/AztdLs (Canada ebay.ca) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/xnUWNm (USA ebay.com) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/ZT8h1b (UK ebay.co.uk) (Affiliate link)
https://goo.gl/xxuGXw (AU ebay.com/au) (Affiliate link)

—————More stuff—————-

Check out my interview with Jay from Scavengerlife.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uberism81

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