TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Buy Now: https://goo.gl/5SEZK1

Hey it’s Andy bringing you the TC Electronic Flashback Delay. Part of TC’s new compact line of pedals that are no bigger than the Polytune, the Flashback Delay packs up to 6 seconds with 11 unique modes, including a 40 second looper. Despite its small footprint, the TC Electronic Flashback Delay is powerful with true stereo ins and outs, audio tapping and internal options for buffered spillover or true bypass, plus a kill dry feature for your effects loop. Authentically voiced digital and analog delay types make the TC Electronic Flashback Delay your go-to pedal, whether you want pristine repeats like the famous TC 2290, dark analog trails or shimmering echo from the fluttering tape mode. But that’s just the beginning because TC Electronic gives you Toneprint, a custom slot that you can load with road tested presets made by professional guitarists all over the world. Since there are 100’s of parameters to tweak from the factory, loading a new Toneprint is basically like loading up a totally new delay pedal. Plus they are free to download straight from TC Electronic. –

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