sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle Review

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Mitch Gallaghe, Don Carr, and Nick D’Virgilio present the sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle. It’s designed to help you achieve isolated vocals in small home studios and untreated environments. The sE Electronics X1 S large-diaphragm condenser mic balances warmth and clarity, making it wonderful for vocals and instruments alike. The RF-X Reflexion Filter mounts your microphone inside a sound-dampening filter to keep extraneous noise from being picked up by the microphone. And a pop filter is included in the package to minimize annoying plosives. With this setup you’ll be equipped to record clear, focused vocals, even in rooms with imperfect acoustics.

Note: The X1 S replaces the X1, not the X1A.

Buy the X1 S Studio Bundle here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/X1SStudioBun

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