172C – FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly

Foreign Objects and Debris or Foreign Object Damage (FOD) can severely affect the reliability and functionality of any electronic device. This video training program provides the information and techniques to help eliminate FOD during electronics assembly, hand soldering, SMT & PTH assembly processes, and during box build / wire assembly.

Eliminating FOD requires awareness of the problem and control of its sources through effective housekeeping, control and accountability of tools / hardware and proper material handling.

Explains the six steps of proper housekeeping, and covers tool control, hardware control, material handling as well as ESD prevention.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all assemblies are built free from FOD – not only for the economic health and reputation of your company, but for the safety and reliability of the final products delivered to your customers.

Winner of The Videographer Award

Time: 24 minutes.

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This is a partial preview of an IPC instructional video and is not intended for training purposes.

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