Why I’m Studying Electronics & Communications Engineering With ECU – Jordan’s Story

Electronics & Communications Engineering student, Jordan Peace, talks about studying the course with Edith Cowan University (ECU). Jordan talks about his experiences how the practical hands-on laboratories helped him better understand the theory covered in units. He discusses experiences in robotics, programming real robots in laboratories. He’s recently completed a digital unit, where he programmed a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and learn about logic gates and timing. He finds the lecturers to be very down-to-earth and approachable.

Jordan talks about entering the course as a mature-age student (non school leaver). He completed the prerequisites to get himself up to speed and ensure his understanding was what was required.

He discusses the structure of the course. In the first year, you get a broad sense of all engineering fields. As a result he’s completed several mechanical engineering units and structural engineering units. In the second year onwards, the course is very practical with opportunities to apply the things you’ve learnt. He says the units are now focusing in on the specific field he’s studying, so he’s doing a lot more of the electrical and communications side of engineering.

He talks about the work placements opportunities within the course and the placement in the final year. He also talks about accessing the units online, if you can’t get to lectures or you want to review.

Jordan discusses how his creative passion (he’s a guitarist as well) is also adding to his course. He wants to build his own amplifier and equipment when he completes the course and he says the units are helping him realise that aim.

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