Electronics on the Floor: Even simpler video transmitter with crystal oscillator module

(If you haven’t done so please watch this first – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6atksXDWD24 )

Many of you liked the idea of a video transmitter with just 10 parts. What if you could go even simpler – ie transmit video with just 5 parts? Does it work? Find out as I remove the tuned circuits and some resistors.

I try different video signal sources. A DVD player provided much more stable video than a camera. Then a range test. Later I add more parts including an extra potentiometer. This increases the range of adjustments possible and once again allows use with my camera.

The main inspiration came from: http://www.radanpro.com/Radan2400/Video/IEC%20-%20Video%20to%20RF%20Modulator.htm

The video source used for testing was a train safety video produced by V/Line.

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