Introduction to Modifying the Electronics of Modern Classic Cars

Want to upgrade to fully programmable engine management but don’t know how? Then this book will come to your rescue! Step-by-step instructions with hundreds of photographs and diagrams will empower you to upgrade your car’s lighting, instrumentation, sound and engine management systems, and much more.

• Full installations with hundreds of step-by-step photos
• From simple to advanced – modifying your car’s electronics
• Low cost tweaks to change engine fuelling and ignition timing
• Using engine management interceptors
• Fitting and tuning programmable engine management
• Modifying the weight of power steering assistance
• Improving safety, security and convenience
• Upgrading sound systems and lighting
• Fitting a programmable digital dashboard
• Essential reading if you want to modify the electronics of your car

Modifying the Electronics of Modern Classic Cars is available from Veloce Publishing – http://bit.ly/2QzuISX

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