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Today we’re taking a look at the Furrion TV cable. Now, this co-axial TV cable is designed to transmit signals into your boat. It’s also good for RV and industrial applications. It features the signal smart anti-interference, static filter, which provides better reception with less radio signal interference. And only each end we have the slip-on, F-type, male connectors with the protective covers.Now, these are water, or excuse me, these are weatherproof, RG59-U connectors. So they’re rated for outdoor use.

We’re looking at marine grade vinyl insulation that’s designed to withstand harsh marine environments and it easily stows into the included weather bag when it’s not in use. So, this is included. This is a weatherproof, clear, plastic bag.The unit’s made to UL1426 specifications and standards and it’s available in the 25 foot length with part number FTVC25SY and it’s also available in a 50 foot length with part number FTVC50SY. That’s going to do it for today’s look at the Furrion TV cable.

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