Dads Destroying Sons’ Playstations!

Video games don’t make kids violent. They make parents violent.

In this Japanese family, the noisy son constantly disrespects his rather violent father. To the point where his continuous noise drives the man to take his son’s most prized possession. And smashes the shi out of it.
The son manages to scrape together enough cash to buy a new Playstation, but continues to shout, causing his dad to enter once again. You would think he would be quieter now after that warning? But no. The son is obviously very upset and plots his revenge. When his father comes back from work, he decides to destroy his father’s scooter in pay-back. Coaxing his friend into helping, who is caught in the act.

This is your typical American family, where eldest son McJuggerNuggets sets up a camera to record his sibling playing Xbox. Something that their father had forbidden him to do. He throws it in the pool, but his son apparently does not learn his lesson. So the man lawnmowers over all of his games. For revenge however, the son gets his brother to film him pranking his father. His dad quickly gets the upper hand, blaming the outburst on Video Games, and destroys once again his console.

This next father had received an email that his son was about to fail the semester. So he told him to buck up his ideas, study and no playing video games. Butttt he just couldn’t keep his hands off the console.
His father appears to be angry, but has amazing self control and rather unrealistically, plans to barbecue the console in the evening.

And now we see the strange parenting of the DaddyO5 family. When one of their children is grounded for being bad, they argue around him about what his punishment should have been. After a strange domestic fight between them both, now in pain, DaddyO5 suddenly decides to throw all of his son’s possessions out of his window, leaving the boy pretty perplexed as to what the hell is going on. His dad obviously then feels bad, and buys him a new playstation. A solid lesson there for us all. Do things wrong and you’ll get a new toy.

This next Portuguese father is very relaxed, unlike his son, screaming in disbelief as his tranquil father snatches up his Playstation and informs him that lunch is going to take awhile. Slightly confused, he then gets it as his father tosses in into the barbecue. He then throws the controller into the pool before pushing in his son. Even through his son’s agony, he still keeps his sense of humour like only a true dad can.

It’s hard to know whether the AngryGrandpa was a planned show or just a genuinely angry and reactionary old git. But what we do know is that his own and his families reactions certainly look genuine. Angry that his son didn’t come round to bake christmas cookies, he smashes his son’s console to pieces. And the coffee table.

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