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In this video we will show you the best selling electronic products of 2017 from AliExpress. To participate in the giveaway, like this video, and leave a comment with the product that you liked the most for the chance to win it: results will be announced in the new video on July 5th!

💻 Miracast – http://ali.ski/VjYdd
💻 Wireless keyboard – http://ali.ski/nHq_i
💻 USB rechargeable flashlight – http://ali.ski/7p6jQP
💻 Car air humidifier – http://ali.ski/UkPGAy
💻 Fast-charge cable – http://ali.ski/w29H3
💻 Dummy security camera – http://ali.ski/VtUgd9
💻 Toilet light – http://ali.ski/kARPsU
💻 USB ‘retro’ controller – http://ali.ski/gasXQ2
💻 Piggy bank – http://ali.ski/vC5AF
💻 Bluetooth receiver – http://ali.ski/iADc6 (USB option 1)
💻 Bluetooth receiver http://ali.ski/Wys59 (USB option 2)

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