Electronics Tutorial #9 – Capacitors – Part 1

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This electronics tutorial is on capacitors, how they work and some practical applications.
In this video I cover:
* What is a capacitor?
* How do capacitors work?
* Characteristics of capacitors – ESR (equivalent series resistance), ESL (equivalent series inductance), impedance at different frequencies.
* How dielectric, plates and distance account for capacity.
* RC time constant
* How to calculate the value of a capacitor using the RC time constant and an oscilloscope?
* Effect of DC and AC on a capacitor and impedance.
* Capacitors connected in series and parallel.
* Capacitors and coupling / decoupling / filtering.
* Capacitor role in digital electronics – ADC (analog to digital converters)
* Variable air capacitors
* How to choose a capacitor based on capacity, frequency, operating voltage, temperature and ESR.
* Tools to measure and troubleshoot capacitors – multimeters LCR meters, ESR meters.
* Safety and capacitors – how to safely discharge capacitors – http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Constructing+a+Capacitor+Discharge+Tool/2177/1
* The future of capacitors – supercapacitors, hybrid capacitors, ultra capacitors, double layer capacitors to power electronics and cars?

Practical application of capacitors used to filter ripple in an AC to DC power supply:

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