CR-10 Electronics Upgrade ft. cheap Smoothieware board

I wanted to improve the electronics of my CR-10 a bit, to prepare for some future upgrades like dual extrusion and a laser. I also wanted to get rid of the electronics box for my CR-10. So I picked up a cheap Smoothieware clone and a tft35 touchscreen. Getting it to work is an entirely different story though. So come along and watch me learn a ton about 3d printer electronics.

Check out PCBWay:
Only $5 for 10pcs, 2 sided with silkscreen, viases and everything you need: https://www.pcbway.com/

All the files on GitHub (incl. stl files): https://github.com/datulab/3D-Printing/tree/master/V-Smoothieware%20electronics%20upgrade

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