Basic electronics Guide to components in Hindi Part-2

This is part-2 of Basic electronics Tutorial or a quick guide to the basic electronics components in Hindi. In this video I have added new electronics/electrical components.

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In this part I’ve coverd some more electronic components. You will find these components in a lot of electronic devices.

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Topics covered :-
1. Thermistor 00:39 – A temperature controlled variable resistor. What is thermistor and why it’s used? And some comman applications of thermistor.
2. LDR 02:41-Light dependent resistor. What it is and some comman application of LDR.
3. Photodiode and phototransistor 04:10 – what it is? Comman applications of phototransistors and photodiodes. Basic working fundamental of Optical Fibre.
3. Optocoupler 06:28 -The tiny component consists of LED as well as a phototransistor. Find what is inside a optocoupler and how it works? Most useful applications of optocoupler.
4. Fuse 08:36 – what is fuse? Working principle of fuse. Basic use of fuse.
5. Relay 10:29 – What is relay ? Working principle of relay and basic demonstration of working. Uses of Relay.
6. IC (Integrated Circuit) 14:05 – Understanding what is meaning an IC. Why ICs are used?
7. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) 16:11 – What is a PCB and applications. Why PCBs are used. Basic working principle.

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