How to Package Your Large Electronics to be sent in for repair at JoesGE.com

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JoesGE.com is a pretty cool place (depending who you talk to it might be more than pretty cool. But hey, I’m just writing this down so that it says something down here, because that’s more professional right?) and if you’re still reading along at this point you might as well sit down and grab some popcorn because this is about to trail on about how we are this premiere repair service located in Washington State North of Seattle in basically the “Armpit of the US” near Mt Baker (Mt Baker has the world record for most snowfall at 1,140 inches in a season). Even though it can smell bad around here we love the fresh air and being near the post office and in a quiet sleepy mountain town is quite peaceful.
All this to basically say that we are all addicted to coffee and stay in the warehouse for ridiculously long hours in order to keep up with the demands of the youth for these two-sided head audio devices and speakers that float when you throw them in the ocean or in your bathtub to test if they actually float. On top of that, we do like it when less stuff ends up in landfills so we hoard everything on shelves with wheels so that we pollute less, it just sits in our warehouse losing molecules slowly over time degrading to become smaller and smaller.

If you are still reading at this point you deserve an award, or a high five, or something because you must either be the most patient person on the planet, or you read blogs frequently. And if the latter is the case, then this whole thing must seem pretty short so let’s keep going.
We do some really interesting things here at JoesGE which are frequently documented in our sometimes weekly sometimes never vlogs.
Also, if you are wondering how we keep up with the demands of the people so well, its because 90% of the people that work here are all Russian around getting things done most of the time. Yes, that was a pun, you are welcome. We hope you have a pun-filled day, because who couldn’t use a few laughs?

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