Found Electronics Dumpster Diving #261

I went dumpster diving at the thrift store where i find clothes, computer mouse and keyboard, fax machine, video games, electronics, toys, shoes, bags, dishes, china, free stuff lots of free stuff, thats right free money, hope you enjoy watching my videos on dumpster diving as much as i enjoy making dumpster diving videos,

Most of my dumpster diving finds I give away to someone that can use it in my community, sale it at my yard sale i have once a year or i take it to another thrift store in a different town.

I Am not selling my finds to my subscribers or giving stuff away to people online, i only give stuff to people in my town and community so please don’t ask, please dont try and talk me into it, respect my decision, im not going to mail anything to anyone no more, its not worth it to me, im not giving my address out and
a P.O. Box will not help , i live in a very small town! people try and come to my house and cause trouble and the lady at the post office keeps complaining

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this thrift store is only open once a week and is located in the Center of the USA in a very small town, this place is ran by wasteful old ladies that are in charge of the churches. They donate there time and do not make any money for themselves, the money made is put into the churches. They sell clothing, shoes, purses, they have a small toy box with very few toys, a few kitchen items, a few tables with random junk on it and thats about it

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