AliExpress Unboxing: Home Decor gadgets and electronics – Vol. 11 [FIXED AUDIO]

New electronic gadgets and cheap home decor items from AliExpress. TV box and the lamp have been sent by GearBest, so I will add links to the original listings to these products as well.

πŸ’‘ Lamp: http://ali.ski/WcvqjH / http://grbe.st/oH6IC (cheaper on GearBest)
🍼 Water bottle: http://ali.ski/oCeeAb
⚑ Cable organizers: http://ali.ski/PH5qr
🎧 Earphones cleaning swabs: http://ali.ski/ktS4K
πŸ“Ί TV Box: http://ali.ski/jlrGb / http://grbe.st/vBVkzI (cheaper on AliExpress)

🌟 AliExpress Unboxing: http://bit.ly/2Nvk7bt
🌟 30 Things for $3 or less: http://bit.ly/2LBHWfc
🌟 10 Best-selling gadgets for $10 or less: http://bit.ly/2XpoiFk

My name is Kirill and I find, buy, and do unboxings and review for the best-selling AliExpress gadgets, electronics, home decor and lifestyle products. I don’t have a specific schedule, but I release new videos every Wednesday at around 11-12 PM PST.

If you want to support the channel, please bookmark my affiliate AliExpress link: https://aliholic.com/buy … This will not affect the price, but I will receive a commission for the sale.


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