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In this video, I help you learn the following 50 English phrasal verbs for computers, working online, phones, electronics and machines! This is a great lesson if you want to talk about cleaning things at home or work like a native English speaker. Learn like a native English speaker and you will SPEAK like one. 🙂

back up – Please back up your work so it’s saved.
break up – The signal is breaking up, so try a different channel.
call back – I’ll call you back after I’m finished with my meeting.
call up – I’ll call up the company and place an order.
click on – Click on the link to download.
clock in – I usually clock in at about 9 AM to start my shift.
clock out – I clock out around 5 PM when I’m ready to go home.
connect up – Connect up the cables and we’ll have Internet.
dial up – We used to dial up people to call on old phones.
exit out – Exit out of the program when you’re done.
fill out – Please fill out the form with your information.
filter out – We filter out search results we don’t want.
freeze up – Looks like the computer is freezing up again.
go offline – The machine will go offline when the printing is done.
go online – You can find anything you want when you go online.
hack into – Someone tried to hack into my account.
hang up – We would hang up old phones when done with calls, but now we just push a button.
hold on – Can you hold on for a minute while I take another call?
hook into – Hook this cable into that machine and they’ll be connected.
hook up – I need to hook up all of the parts for the whole machine to work.
key in – Be careful when keying in the data so you make no mistakes.
link up – We can speak together online when our computers link up.
log in – Log in to access the data.
log out – When you’re finished, be sure to log out.
look up – I often look up things online when I need a quick definition.
pick up – I picked up the phone when I had a call.
plug in – Can I plug in my computer over here? My battery is low.
pop up – A warning message popped up on the screen.
power down – Please power down the machine during storms.
power up – You power a machine up to get it moving.
print out / print up – I’ll print out a copy of the report.
put in – I’m putting in some code here to fix a bug.
ring up – I’ll ring you up on Saturday about our plans.
scroll down – Scroll down to see the rest of the information.
scroll up – If you scroll up, you’ll see the menu.
set up – Please set up the equipment over here.
shut down – Shut down the computer when you’re done using it.
sign in – Please sign in with your name and password.
sign out – Please sign out after your session.
sign up – If you’d like to join, please sign up with your name and email address.
start up – Start up the application to begin using it.
switch off – Switch off the machine when the work is done.
switch on – Switch on the machine to activate it.
tune in – I tune in to listen to my favorite radio show every Sunday.
turn down – Please turn down the volume dial to lower the volume.
turn off – Turn off the light when you leave the room.
turn on – Turn on the TV with the remote.
zoom out – Zoom out to see more of the screen.
type up – I’m typing up a paper for school.

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