How To Make 12v To 220v Inverter At Home Easily – Electronics Tricks

In this video we are going to show you making a circuit, that can convert 12 volt to 220 volt easily. You can make this circuit at home easily. Without proper trained technician, you should not try to make this circuit at home. Cause it may be dangerous.
To make this circuit you might need some electronics component, I buy all of my electronics component from https://lcsc.com

Component List :

1. Transformer – 12.0.12 volt

2. Volume – B 100 k

3. Transistor – 2SC 2625 – https://bit.ly/2GrN1TR

4. Push Switch – https://bit.ly/2K0Ze2K

5.Heat Shrink Tube – https://bit.ly/2SrzFff

6. Led Bulb – 3w

7. Connection Wire


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