Cutting Edge Bass Boat Electronics Techniques for 2019

Carl Jocumsen is here to talk about how he utilizes his Humminbird and Minn Kota electronics to locate, position and spot-lock/shallow water anchor onto great bass fishing spots. Learn how Carl uses his LakeMaster maps to highlight contours and mark waypoints, how to use the Solix sonar, down scan, side scan and 360 scan to locate bass, how to use Ultrex spot-lock and Talon shallow water anchors to not spook fish and to stay in position. This is a great seminar for everyone, but a must-see if you use Humminbird electronics.

Watch the entire 1hr+ video, full of bass fishing electronics secrets, at https://bassu.tv
If you singup at https://bassu.tv/signup/JULY4 before July 31, 2019 you can get a FREE $50 gift pack with your 1 year subscription!

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