Top 7 Simple Electronics Projects For Beginners 2018

With this Video we present Top 7 Electronics Projects For Beginners 2018. The video includes various simple electronics projects for students which will help brainstorm on electronics development. The top 7 included projects in the video are ranked on their simplicity and usefulness in daily life for students.

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Project No. 7

Plant Moisture Monitoring System:
A very efficient project which will help you monitor the water level in the soil material of your plants. The project is a water sensor based system, which uses it to measure the level of water in the plants soil. The system also has a buzzer which alerts you as the water level drops so you can water your plants before they wilt.

Find the project here:

Plant Moisture Monitoring System

Project No. 6

Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle:
A robotic vehicle project with obstacle avoidance ability. The vehicle uses a ultrasonic sensor that uses a ultrasonic sensor, which gives the ability to avoid obstacles. The ultrasonic sensor works on bases of the principle of SONAR and RADAR of using ultrasonic wave to determine the distance of an object. Using this technology the robotic vehicle detect the upcoming obstacle and changes its direction.

Find the project here:

Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle

Project No. 5

Wireless Cell Phone Detection System:
A cell phone detection system which will help the user to detect cell phones present in the premises. The system has a radio wave amplifier which amplifies the radio waves emitted by the cell phone. The amplified waves are used to fire up the LED light in order to represent the detection of a cell phone.

Find the project here:

Wireless Cell Phone Detection System

Project No. 4

Speed Detection Project:
A speed detection project which uses the time taken by the object to travel the distance between two points to measure the speed of an object. Here the points are the set of IR (Infrared) Transmitter Receiver Pair Photodiode situated at some distance to each other. Both the sensors are capable of detecting presence. Using them we have created a system where the sensors detect the start and end of a travelling object. The system uses the algorithm to measure the velocity, as velocity is equal to time divided by displacement. The system consist of a 8051 microcontroller to run that algorithm.

Find the project here:

Human Speed Detection Project

Project No. 3

Clap Based Fan Switching System:
A system which will help you automate your day to day life. The system uses clapping in order to provide commands. The mic has a mic on its circuit board which detect the clapping sound and use it as a command of switch on and off.

Find the project here:

Clap Based Fan Switching System

Project No. 2

Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project:
A system which is capable of sensing alcohol using the MQ3 sensor. The MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor consist of a low cost semiconductor; whose conductivity is low in clean air. Its quality of becoming more conductive when come in contact with alcoholic gases makes it useful in detection of alcohol consumption. As they are sensitive to alcoholic gases we turned it into an alcohol Sensing
System which alarms you on the detection of alcohol.

Find that project here:

Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project

Project No. 1

Ultrasonic Radar Project:
A system that uses ultrasonic sensor to detect an object or a person, and provide us with the information like the distance and the position of the person or thing from the system. The system uses a ultrasonic sensor to detect the present of an object or a person. The ultrasonic sensor works on bases of the principle of SONAR and RADAR of using ultrasonic wave to determine the distance of an object. Using this ability of the sensor the system give you the distance and location of an object.

Find the project here:

Ultrasonic Radar Project

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