Samsung Electronics has been world’s No. 2 owner of patents for 12 years: Report

삼성•LG, 美특허 등록 ‘톱10’…日기업은 10년새 6곳→1곳 뿐
South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics has ranked second, and its local rival LG Electronics seventh on an annual list of the top 3-hundred organizations that received U.S. utility patents.
According to the Intellectual Property Owners Association — that recently released the list for 2018 — the U.S. tech firm IBM was first.
Two South Korean companies — Samsung and LG — were in the top ten.
Japan had just one.
Samsung Electronics has been number two on the list every year between 2007 and 2018,… whereas the number of Japanese firms in the top ten dropped from six to one over the same period.
Industry insiders say the change shows South Korean tech firms are gaining an increasing foothold in the global market.

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