ABeetle Flexible Circuits, Transparent Touch, In-Mold Electronics, 3D Formable

ABeetle http://www.abeetlecorp.com/ provides High-Density Flex Circuits, Transparent Touch Sensor, In-Mold Electronics (IME), 3D Formable Circuits, Capacitance Pressure Sensor, for design, manufacturing, and assembly of Printed Electronics, IME (in-mold-electronics), Wearable Electronics, capacitive sensors, e-paper display modules, and membrane keypad assembly. They specialize in high-density silkscreen printing process using various kinds of substrate materials, like PI, PET, PC, Fabric, Paper, Glass, etc. Conductors can be printed by silver, Ag/AgCl, copper, carbon, silver nano-wire, CNT, PEDOT. Besides that, etching capability is also available. Markets including industrial, wearable electronics, medical, automotive, etc, providing high-mix volume productions as well as quick-turn prototype service.

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