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Electronic Components & Materials
Conductors, Semi conductor& Insulators; Magnetic materials; Jointing & Cleaning materials for U/G copper cable & OFC;
Cells and Batteries (chargeable and non chargeable); Relays Switches MCB & Connectors
Electronic Devices and circuits
PN Junction diodes, thyristor; Diode and triode circuits; Junction Transistors; Amplifiers; Oscillator; M u l t i v i b r a t o r ,
counters; Rectifiers; Inverter and UPS.
Number System & Binary codes; Boolean Algebra & Logic gates; Combinational & Sequential logic circuits; A/D & D/A
converter, counters; Memories
Linear Integrated Circuit
Introduction to operational Amplifier; Linear applications; Non Linear applications; Voltage regulators; Timers; Phase lock
Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Introduction to microprocessor, 8085 microprocessor working; Assembly Language programming; Peripherals & other
microprocessors; Microcontrollers
Electronic Measurements
Measuring systems; Basic principles of measurement; Range Extension methods; Cathode ray oscilloscope, LCD , LED
panel; Transducers
Communication Engineering
Introduction to communication; Modulation techniques; Multiplexing Techniques; Wave Propagation, Transmission line
characteristics, OFC ; Fundamentals of Public Address systems, Electronic exchange, Radar, Cellular and Satellite
Data communication and Network
Introduction to data communication; Hardware and interface; Introduction to Networks and Networking devices; Local
Area Network and Wide area network; Internet working.
Computer Programming
Programming concepts; Fundamentals of ‘C’ and C ++; Operators in ‘C’ and C ++; Control Statements; Functions, Array
String & Pointers, File Structure; Data Structure and DBMS
Basic Electrical Engg.
DC Circuits; AC fundamentals; Magnetic, Thermal and Chemical effects of Electric current; Earthing – Installation,
Maintenance, Testing

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