Samsung, LG lead flexible electronics trend at IFA Berlin 2019

IFA 금요일 개막, 삼성 갤럭시 폴드에 관심 집중…LG전자, ‘올레드로 만든 대자연’ 체험존

South Korea’s tech companies Samsung and LG Electronics are leading the world in the latest display technology in this year’s IFA show,… which opens on Friday in Berlin.
Our Oh Soo-young gives us a sneak peak of the most eye-catching attractions.
It’s all about bending the rules at this year’s IFA,… the world’s biggest consumer electronics fair,… with South Korean tech giants breaking the conventions of display technology.
“What I find really exciting is the things that are new and only just coming into the shops, especially rollable and foldable displays. These devices will be very expensive but they show the direction we’re heading in.”
Samsung’s two-thousand dollar foldable smartphone the Galaxy Fold is a major showstopper,… featuring the world’s first Infinity Flex Display.
There has been high anticipation around its launch,… after the initial release date was delayed by months due to screen defects,… as well as Samsung’s competition with Huawei in releasing the industry’s first major flexible smartphone.
“When Samsung’s Galaxy Fold first broke out in February, everyone was super excited about it and all the technology enthusiasts wanted to go out and get one, despite the high price. I’m worried that perhaps now, given the delays, given the problems, people will be a little more nervous. However, when you get the product in your hand, I have to tell you, it does feel lovely and it really is the ultimate kind of technology gadget bling on the market right now.”
The Galaxy Fold goes on sale in Korea Friday,… and will be released at later dates in Europe, Singapore and the United States,… available in both 4G and 5G.
Meanwhile, LG is also showcasing a world’s first,… a 65-inch TV that can be rolled out of sight into a sleek box when not in use.
The OLED model was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018,… and is expected to go on sale later this year.
The IFA show runs until next Wednesday.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

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