Is Fry’s Electronics Going Out of Business?? No Shipments in 3 Months

Is Frys electronics the next brick and mortar store to go out of business? Fry’s in Santa Ana recently closed its doors. Fry’s all over the country haven’t received a shipment in 3 months. There were no Hard standard hard drives in the store! Absolutely barren I’ve never seen Fry’s in such poor shape. This is socal we’re talking about. Not a rural area, located in the heart of movie capital. This is hard for me to believe. I couldn’t find any RGB lights for my pc today. I’ll also bet arcade 1up lost another retailer because they removed there displays and I saw one cab for sale. No mother boards in stock no ram no video cards! The sales people are nervous. The yelp reviews describe the same thing calling it a ghost town. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. People have been talking so much about GameStop but if Fry’s goes there’s definitely gonna cause raise to concern for front end electronic retailers. Fry’s is the goto store between RadioShack Walmart and Best Buy. They are larger than microcenter with more locations to offer.

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