2019 Korea Electronics Show kicks off on sector’s 60th anniversary

전자 60년… 혁신 기술 한 자리에 열린 제 50회 KES 2019

South Korea transitioned quickly from one of the world’s poorest countries to an OECD member.
The major pillar of this change was the electronics sector.
With the industry marking its 60th anniversary, the country’s biggest annual electronics show kicked off today.
Lee Kyung-eun shows us what to expect from this year’s KES.
This is where a 60-year miracle began.
Back in 1959, the only electronic device in South Korea was the radio,… but now, it boasts an extraordinary spectrum and quality of technology, from AI to semiconductors.
Marking the 60th anniversary of the country’s electronics sector, the annual Korea Electronics Show kicked off in Coex.
“South Korea’s tech industry is facing a number of threats,… including the ongoing U.S.-China trade spat and Japan’s export curbs.
But this year’s Korea Electronic Show is again a bustling event with South Korea showing it is still a global powerhouse of innovation.”
Booths have been set up by some five-hundred local firms at the center of this innovation.
The tech giants Samsung and LG are displaying the world’s first foldable smartphone and rollable TV, and start-ups have brought out their original products, including a mirror that uses facial recognition AI to check the user’s health.
Running through this Friday, the show is expected to attract more than seventy-thousand visitors, and they say this event is special.
“I see a lot of innovative products here. There are not a lot of vendors but the vendors are selling different products, so that’s good to see. The Chinese products,… everyone was selling the same thing and they had the same unit price; there was no difference, there were a lot of competition, so I didn’t get a lot of interest from that.”
These technologies not only benefit the lives of ordinary people, but also national security.
“We’ve teamed up with the defense ministry to make car relays that replace mechanical switches with semiconductor switches. This way, they’re much lighter, safer and cheaper for both vehicles and tanks.”
Thanks to these technologies, the electronics sector have been the country’s biggest export for 30 consecutive years.
Now, South Korea’s next task is to continue the momentum.
With global competition and external threats increasing, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon, in speech at the show, stressed the importance of trilateral cooperation.
“Joint cooperation among the government, conglomerates and start-ups is critical for South Korea to maintain its advantage in the global race for innovation, particularly in localizing the production of parts and equipment while diversifying trade partners.”
The show is expected to contribute to achieving those goals by providing a platform that bring together interest groups from home and abroad.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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