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Businesses in the industrial sector have special power distribution requirements and standards.
A marine-based shipyard may require a stainless steel station and NEMA 4X-rated panels for corrosion resistance, while a mining operator could benefit from a power distribution unit with tall legs to keep the station above pools of water, debris and rocky terrain. Furthermore, an oil refinery would need a station that is hazardous location rated or explosion proof to prevent combustions.

No matter what your power distribution needs are, Larson Electronics is here to make sure they are adequately met. We offer both pre-configured UL 1640 certified power distribution products, for quick ‘off-the-shelf’ purchases, and custom power distribution stations.
Examples of power distribution features and components open for customization include the following:
• Transformer Size
• Voltage, Phase
• Panel Types
• Receptacles and Breakers
• Cords, Cord Caps
• Mounts (Cart, Legs, Tires/No Tires, Cube Frame, Skids and more)
• Ratings (Explosion Proof, NEMA, IP and more)
• Accessories (Switches, Pilot Lights, Meters and more)
• Color/Labels
Visit the Larson Electronics website (link below) to view our pre-configured power distribution stations with KVA transformers! For custom requirements, kindly contact our team of specialists at 800-297-4352 or sales@larsonelectronics.com


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