REWA – One-Stop Electronics Repair Business Solutions

REWA Technology is a world leading one-stop professional electronics repair business solutions provider who was founded in 2008 in HongKong. We are committed to delivering an one-stop service covering Supply Chain Solution, Repair Training Solution, Authorized Repair Solution and Recycle & Resell Solution, with worldwide customers ranging from repair shops, regional parts distributors, reverse logistics/refurbish facilities to insurance and recycling companies.

We created this official YouTube channel to provide inside information which including repair/refurbish skills, latest tool kits & equipments and qualified spare parts to help our customers grow their business and profits. The exciting feedback from our technicians and customers are the most valuable compliment for our teamwork, and it will also encourage us to keep on delivering more useful and thoughtful industrial content for our subscribers.

To get more details, you may either visit the following links of REWA or contact our sales for help: sales@rewatechnology.com
REWA Official Website: http://www.rewatechnology.com
REWA Blog: http://blog.rewatechnology.com/
REWA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewatechnology/

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