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Shenzhen Electronics Market (Huaqiangbei) China Shopping Tour / 深圳华强北中国购物之旅

Shenzhen Electronics Market (Huaqiangbei) China Shopping Tour is a video recording of my walk with no talking. I highly recommend using headphones to experience 3D environment sounds as I recorded with binaural microphones.

My channel regularly publishes walking tours (with no talking) of my walks in various countries and if you want to see all my walks, visit my channel page:

Location of walk:

Shenzhen Electronics Market (Huaqiangbei) Info:
Huaqiangbei (Chinese: 华强北) is an area and subdistrict of Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The area’s status as a major electronics manufacturing hub, and sprawling electronics marketplaces have earned it (and Shenzhen) occidental nicknames such as “China’s Silicon Valley”, and the “Silicon Valley of Hardware

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