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How to Shock Anything & Fry Electronics with a Touch!

I have actually made a brand-new variation of this device that can be seen right here:

In this video I show exactly how to make a tool that permits the customer to acquire the power of electrical energy. This high voltage generator can amaze an individuals entire body with a fixed charge more powerful than massaging also the softest footie pajamas on a carpeting could ever before muster up. The electric build-up can after that be released with a touch to shock anything in reach.

Components that might need to be purchased online:
Adverse Ion Generator (Ionizer) UPDATE: It seems the initial resource of ion generators has been diminished. I have actually since found a resource for DC powered generators, suggesting that they do not require the power converter to escape of a battery. Those can be found right here (this is an affiliate web link):

Video clip demonstrating how to use a DC generator for this task:

Automotive Power Converter (Cheapest here: Or locate one at a car parts store).

Components that can be purchased in a hardware or electronic devices store (Such as Radio Shack):.
Change Core Solder.
2″ of Copper Wire.
Warm Shrink Insulating Tubing (Optional).
9 Volt Battery (DO NOT USE A LARGER POWER SOURCE! Doing so might be DANGEROUS!).
9 Volt Battery Harness.
On/Off Switch (Any kind will function, even a light switch if that is all that is readily available).
Sticky Back Velcro.
Dual Sided Velcro (Usually discovered in the form of cable ties).
Glasses Case.
1 Gallon Bottle (Such as a windscreen washer liquid container).
Hot Glue.
Aluminum Soda Can.
Air Duct or Electrical Tape.

Welding torch.
Wire Strippers.
Warm Glue Gun.
Sand Paper.
Drill & Bits.
File (Optional).

I was influenced to produce this video when I read the article posted right here:
That short article is based off of the details given in this even older article:

Both of the above use a design which contains the generator within a set of shoes, yet I decided that it would certainly be better changed into something that can conveniently be strapped on as well as off over anything the individual happens to be using. The layout utilized in the post additionally has an unpleasant practice of stunning the bottom of your foot rather regularly. #NightHawkInLight.

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