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ThinFilm Printed Electronics NFC Smart Labels for Internet of Things

Thinfilm’s NFC Barcode as well as Smart Label product systems make use of 13.56 MHz Near Field Communication (NFC) modern technology to communicate from Thinfilm tags (put on daily things, at the thing level rather than the box/palette/case level) to NFC qualified tools, consisting of smart devices as well as commercial visitors. The 128-bit NFC Barcode is produced on Thinfilm’s printed-dopant polysilicon (PDPS) production system, which enables high-performance transistors capable of managing wireless interaction and also NFC regularities and also information rates. Next off, Thinfilm’s temperature noticing Smart Labels integrate batteries, noticing wiring, optional aesthetic published electrochromic displays, and also NFC wireless transmission feature right into a solitary self-supporting clever noticing system.

You can speak to ThinFilm right here:
Matthew Bright
Supervisor, Product & Technical Marketing
Thin Film Electronics, Inc.
phone +1 408 503 7311.
Address: 2865 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95134-2101, United States.
Twitter: @thinfilmmemory] Facebook: Thinfilm.
LinkedIn: Thin Film Electronics.

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