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Electronic Wastegate Control Is Here! | Turbosmart eWG At SEMA [TECH TALK]

Get the lowdown on how Turbosmarts new electronic wastegates are going to change the boost control game in the aftermarket industry including why this offering is superior to what you can currently get your hands one from OE applications, which were never manufactured with the idea of running being able to withstand 60psi to 150psi of backpressure depending on the wastegates physical size, which of course depends on your setup.

Chris from Turbosmart explains the eWGs strengths over their already capable mechanically controlled wastegates when it comes to speed and boost range and why this will see your wastegate springs retired. Chris and Andre also talk about the use of a butterfly valve instead of a poppet valve (aka mushroom valve) and if there are any negative effects from this change.

The power requirements and control options of this system, which operates similarly to your DBW throttle body, are also discussed with Turbosmart likely to release an intermediate box to assist with control, but ultimately putting the ball in aftermarket ECU companies court when it comes to the long term planning for pins and connectors that can handle the 20A current or alternative ways to split and reduce that over multiple connector pins instead.

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