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Atari 1040STF Restoration Part 1: The Electronics

Doing restoration work on a beaten up Atari 1040STF that was donated to me recently. In this first part, I take care of the electronics. // PCBWay Big Xmas Sale Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival! (Sponsor)

The video includes an attempt to fix the disk drive (10:55), recapping the main board (24:14) and installing a modern replacement power supply (31:44).

Capacitors needed for this Rev. D mainboard:
1x 4700uF 16V axial
1x 470uF 16V axial
2x 100uF 16V axial
2x 47uF 16V axial
2x 22uF 16V axial
4x 4.7uF 35V axial
1x 4.7uF axial NP/bipolar(!)
1x 22uF 16V radial

Meanwell RD-50A power supply (affiliate links):


Music: “Skråblikk”, “Doorsteps”, “Spacewalker” & “Passing City Lights” by Focus 10


Equipment and tools I use are listed here: (some links are affiliate links)

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