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Electronics Tutorial #9 – Capacitors – Part 1

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This electronic devices tutorial gets on capacitors, just how they function and some sensible applications.
In this video I cover:
* What is a capacitor?
* How do capacitors function?
* Characteristics of capacitors – ESR (equal series resistance), ESL (equivalent collection inductance), insusceptibility at different frequencies.
* How dielectric, plates and distance make up capability.
* RC time continuous
* How to calculate the worth of a capacitor making use of the RC time constant as well as an oscilloscope?
* Effect of DC and AC on a capacitor and also insusceptibility.
* Capacitors connected in series as well as parallel.
* Capacitors and also combining/ decoupling/ filtering.
* Capacitor duty in digital electronics – ADC (analog to electronic converters).
* Variable air capacitors.
* How to choose a capacitor based upon capability, frequency, operating esr, temperature level and voltage.
* Tools to gauge and also troubleshoot capacitors – multimeters LCR meters, ESR meters.
* Safety as well as capacitors – just how to securely release capacitors –
* The future of capacitors – supercapacitors, crossbreed capacitors, ultra capacitors, dual layer capacitors to power electronics as well as cars and trucks?

Practical application of capacitors used to filter surge in an AC to DC power supply:.

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