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The Electronics Markets of Shenzhen

In this weeks episode, the trip team visits the electronics markets of Shenzhen China. Many of the group have never ever been to the markets prior to and what they find is the globes biggest digital component market!

The large scale and size of the markets, spread across kilometers of cityscape goes over. There is nearly absolutely nothing you can not find in these markets. The markets consist of millions of stalls, who typically stand for manufacturing firms in Shenzhen, as well as are a superb resource for elements, components, ended up items as well as even more. Numerous additionally have an online presence as well as make a personal check out to Shenzhen unnecessary, nonetheless anyone who has been to Shenzhen as well as the marketplaces will tell you, that it is well worth the browse through, to establish connections with vendors, comprehend the eco system and also understand the size of the supply chain. It is truly breathtaking as well as inspiring.

An unique many thanks to Jon Oxer for photographing additional material for this episode. Note, some images were videotaped from my trip in 2011, 2015 and the most current trip in 2017.

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