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Costco Dewalt Tool Deals, Remodeling, Electronics, Furniture

Welcome to another Shop With Me Costco at the Costco near me, this is the Pompano Beach, FL Costco. Well here we were doing our live Costco shop with me showing the Costco DeWalt tool deals, for example the DeWalt Costco vacuum is on sale finally. This 10 gallon DeWalt wet dry vac was on sale from $89 marked down to $69. We also showed you other dewalt tools like the 50 piece compact DeWalt socket set, and the 173 piece mechanics tools Dewalt Costco set, back up to $99. During our Costco shopping tour, we are on the prowl for Costco discounts, always showing you the best deals at costco.

Costco sale items

The Costco pressure washer there with the Honda engine and 3100 PSI with 2.5 GPM was on sale for $359, a great deal. We hope you liked all the costco tools and discounts we showed. We got about halfway through our live stream here showing you all of the remodeling electronics and furniture, when a manager came up to me and told me to stop video recording. So so bummer dudes looks like I will have to try to get some written permission from Costco corporate to continue doing these live streams.

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new at costco

On this Costco live vlog, we were able to show you not only the best discount dewalt tools, but we also showed you some brand new costco furniture that just came in, and the 60″ costco vanity.

I’m glad we were able to show you the Costco special event today, which had all the paintings and large canvas photos of the tropical landscapes.

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