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Woodland Hills Frys Electronics going out of business? #retailpocalypse

Thanks to the comments in my last vlog (Fry’s in Burbank CA), you guys alerted me that many locations appear to be cgoing out of business. Today we investigate the situation at the Fry’s Electronics in Woodland Hills, California. Sure enough, the inventory is dwindling!

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Intro song (GNR parody covered under Fair Use Doctrine) by Jay Stevens.

Songs included from the YouTube’s Creator Studio Audio Library, which at the time were advertised as not needing licensing or attribution.

* Other items may be included which are property of their respective owners, and included in this video under Fair Use Doctrine. Namely, for “commentary & criticism” and “parody” uses… as well as this type of organic social marketing being free for you & your product or service! As the MBA’s say, “any publicity is good publicity”.


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