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Power For Your Electronics Projects – Voltage Regulators and Converters

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Today we are mosting likely to look at the absolutely vital but rather ordinary topic of supplying power for your electronic projects. Believe me, this things is crucial!

Electronic tools normally call for either 5 or 3.3 volts, occasionally both. Various other typical voltage needs consist of 6 as well as 12 volts for displays and also electric motors. Some intricate styles (ie. a robotic) need numerous different products with various present capacities.

When you develop your newest robotic or IoT tool you’ll require to think about exactly how you’ll provide these voltages in the real life. On the workbench you can utilize a bench power supply if you have one, a USB adapter or also the USB port on a computer (much like with the Arduino).

When your creation needs to exist on its very own with a line-powered or battery power supply you’ll need to figure out how to get all of those voltages supplied to your parts, ideally easily and cheaply.

I have 9, yes nine techniques of doing specifically that. Today I’ll reveal you a number of different voltage regulatory authorities and also converters ranging from the timeless 7805 3-pin voltage regulatory authority to a little gadget that can supply a constant 5 volts also when your battery is concerning to die.

Take a look at the complying with Table of Contents to avoid ahead to the power supply option of your choice. Or simply sit back and also enjoy the show.


Breadboard power supply module – 3:00
Power Supply Basics – 6:28


LM7805 – 5 Volt linear regulatory authority – 11:42
LM317 – Variable linear regulator – 14:32
PSM-165 – 3.3 Volt straight regulatory authority module – 17:52
AMS1117 – 5 Volt linear regulatory authority module – 19:47
L4931CZ33-AP – 3.3 volt reduced voltage-drop regulator – 21:43


Dollar Converter Intro – 23:51
MINI-360 – Variable dollar converter – 24:41
Boost Converter Intro – 26:46
PSM-205 – USB boost converter – 27:37
MT3608 – Variable boost converter – 29.07
Dollar Boost Converter Intro – 31:06
S9V11F5 – 5 Volt dollar increase converter – 33:06

That last component is the one I was describing earlier, it actually is an incredible tool and is best for your battery powered jobs.

Just like all of my video clips there is an article at where you will find more details pertaining to every one of the voltage regulators, buck converters, boost converters and buck boost converters stated right here.

Currently go power something up!

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