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You call them Junk?! New V3 Equipment/Electronics for the WPL Range.

$35 for a Sound kit, light module, esc, transmitter and much more! WPL kindly sent me the new V3 Electronics. It’s available below on the WPL official store.

V3 System:
Sound System V3

V3 Petrol or Diesel control board:
Receiver for Sound System V3

Suspension here:


C24 (one of the most popular to date):

C24/C14 Cab/body
B24 Chassis
New WPL Winch
WPL 2 speed Gearbox
Soft Kit Tyres (no wheel weights)
Metal front axle, pastic rear (metal gears)
Metal WPL driveshafts
WPL Servo
V3 electronics with petrol V8 sound

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