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Bartolini Pickups & Electronics Booth talk – Bass guitar demos NAMM 2020

Bartolini Pickups & Electronics – NAMM 2020 – we are at the Bartolini booth talking to President/Owner Clyde Clark and also E. Pruitt. Bartolini Pickups and Electronics are recognized around the world for the tone they bring to both bass and guitar. The company has been responsible for developing a gold standard that is appreciated by musicians from all genres of music, all areas of the world, and all type of instruments. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, Bartolini builds pickups and electronics for some of the most respected luthiers around the world. They also supply to service-oriented retailers who offer upgrades and replacement parts. They provide choices for musicians that want to get the best sound from their instruments for their style of playing. Their mission is to offer superior tone for musicians playing both electric and acoustic instruments worldwide for all genres of music. And please stay tuned for more of our NAMM 2020 coverage. Rock on! – FREE eBook & video lesson. Tons of scale diagrams, soloing strategies, illustrations, and more. Video lesson on ways to spice up your solos, soloing devices, tips & tricks, scales, and lead guitar techniques. – Next Level Guitar Ultimate Gear Guide Course. Over six hours of video lessons on all kinds of guitar effects and effect parameters, signal chain, which pedals go where in the chain, effects loops, setting up a whole rig and much more. More info here:

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Bartolini Pickups & Electronics Booth talk – Bass guitar demos NAMM 2020
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